Interview: Jon Macy, “Fearful Hunter” - Comics on Kickstarter

As often as I can, I will try to bring you short interviews with people who are creating comics and doing everything they can to show their work to the world.

Today I spoke with Jon Macy about the print edition of his book Fearful Hunter, currently funding on Kickstarter.

Interview below.

What is your project?

Fearful Hunter is a graphic novel about a young druid living in a world of sacred sexuality, who falls in love with a werewolf who only mates for life. The two are misfits who feel damaged, but when they meet they realize they are just jagged puzzle pieces that don’t fit with anyone else but each other. 

What inspired this?

There were several things. My ex had borderline personality disorder which is a mental illness that deals with love and abandonment issues, and that informed a lot of the werewolves’ mate for life content. I also wanted to do something when Prop 8 passed here in California. I didn’t want to get angry, but I did want to counter the voices that were saying marriage between gay men, and women, was a joke. I feel we need to show what it means to us in our stories and culture. Only that way will people understand us and get that we are more like them than not.

Why do you love comics?

Comics have a quite a few things going for them. They can be done by one person for very little money, which means big corporations don’t stick their fingers in and change things. They can reach more people because a cartoon character is universal and defies age gender and race. comics are also very very challenging to an artist where you, using only ink and paper, tease a readers eye to going where you want it to go, for as long as you want it to go, and create an emotional reaction just with a drawing. 

What do you think is the future of comics?

I think the world is smarter than we think it is, and that there will be a reaction to all the dumbing down that is going on in our culture. People will realize they want more challenging entertainment. Books that reward them for having worked a bit, and comics will be there waiting for them. There will be different formats for digital comics. I do like the endless scroll type. There is a very cinematic flavor to it where you are panning down to the next page. It can be an enticing way to feed information with the added factor of the reader controlling how fast the page moves. It’s exciting to involve the reader more rather than the current trend of video games and movies where they are a passive observer.

If you could create anything, what would it be?

I want my own spaceship. I want it now. 

Bonus question: What’s your favorite dinosaur?

I’m a fan of the brontosaurus. Maybe because it’s the biggest but also the most non aggressive.

Jon Macy has contributed to the anthologies and magazines Gay Comics, Meatmen, International Leatherman, Boy Trouble, and Qu33r, but is best known for his graphic novel Teleny and Camille, the adaptation of the early gay novel Teleny attributed to Oscar Wilde and circle. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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